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SBND Associate Membership List
Community Product & Service
SBND is designed as a “self-help” project that provides hands-on strategic organization planning, innovation development and funding initiatives to start and grow prosperous community enterprises.

Here is a list of members who are dedicated to delivering high quality products and services in Illinois, Cook County and Chicago neighborhoods most affected by recession.

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Dr. Bridgette Adams, D.N.

Jon M. Adler, Law Office of Jon Adler

Dr. Ron Alston

Derby Arrmstead, Kissimni Corporation

Ella Armstead, Kissimni Corporation

Michele Banks, Harmony Nutrionals

Leslie Barnes, Aspiring Entrepreneur

Spencer Bibbs, SPD Digital

Gene Brooks, We Print 4 Less

Aaron Caldwell, Super Fuel

​Legacy Connections

Patricia Drinkard, Room 103

Laura Taylor-Dudley, Chicago Area Project

Kathy Edwards Enterprises, LLC

Shirley Frierson, Advocating for Veterans & Supportive Housing

Simeon Frierson, Photographer/Videographer

Ruby Gray, Entrepreneur

Olawale Idreez, Africa-US Today

Adrienne Hobbs, Painting Contractor

Mary Kaminski, SBND Board Officer

Samantha Kendall, Sam’s Gourmet Lasagna

Moshe Klein, MKA, Ltd.

Mary Lastrapes, RTR Management and Consulting Services, LLC

Anna Mammone-London, T-Mobile

Nita Marchant, Strategic Solutions Network, Inc.

Virgil Mathis, Elevison-Television

Jill McClendon, Step to Enrichment, Inc. (NFP)

Dante Mosely, Hyde Park Bank

Latasha Parks, Aquatic 4 Life, LLC

Bob Shemansky, Principal-Owner at RMD & Associates/Architects

Roselyn Shine, Shine on Me Development, Inc.

John E. Smith Jr. Photography

Richard Smith, Entrepreneur

Yvonne Spear, The Multicultural Community Project

Stephen Swire, Cheesecake Allure

Michelle Thibodeaux, Transformational Coaching Academy

Lav Thomas, Evolv Health, LLC

Ramona Turner, Turner Enterprises

Melody Walson, M.W.O G. Outreach, (NFP)

Audrey Woodley, Better Destination Media

Dea Woods, FrugoBee

Gerald Young, TraDigital Communication
SBND Alumni Associates
John Porter of Information Now TV interviews Nita Marchant, Co-Founder and Director of SBND, on a live television broadcast station in Chicago.

Note:  When you press play, the video takes about 1 minute to load. 
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SBND Membership Opportunities
Mark Allen
Johnny Blair
Naomi Davis
Shirley Frierson
Olawale Idreeze
Virgil Mathis
Yvonne Orr
John Smith

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Moshe Klein
MKA, Ltd.
Mary Lastrapes
RTR Management and Consulting Services, LLC
Anna Mammone-London
Mary Kaminski
Hip Cat Chicago
Michelle Thibodeaux
Transformational Coaching Academy
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