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SBND Advisory Board Forum
Welcome to the New SBND Advisory Board Forum and Web Page. The purpose of SBND Advisory Board is to advise and support SBND on matters that protect the interests of its constituents or stakeholders and strengthen SBND capacity to achieve its community enterprise support network mission.

This dashboard is a platform created to ease the process of communication between advisory board members.

In order to access the dashboard you must have a Google account and be an active member of the advisory board.

Profiles of active SBND Advisory Board members are listed below.

Click here to log in if you are a member of SBND Advisory Board.

In order to be effective SBND Advisory Board, members are asked to participate in all leadership conferences and board meetings. It is also necessary for members to check-in daily, contribute their ideas and to evaluate latest developments, initiatives and proposed program or event schedules.

If you have any questions regarding this forum or wish to a member of the board, email or phone 773-614-7619.
Active  SBND Advisory Board Members & Volunteer Staff
Ruby Gray
SBND Board Secretary
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